Haeundae.jpgI chose in Busan because it's many cheap a article place for shopping and fun , expecially I was born there. The best is place for shopping is Namponong, Seomyeon etc..
A good place to visit is Gwanganbridge and Heaudea. Both are very good. I recommend Gwanganbridge is beautiful nightview and Haeundae is wonderful sea and attractive. Go to Haeundae – you’ll really enjoy it.
You don’t recommend anything. Because almost, you will be interesting anything.
For eating, I recommend sashmi restaurant in front of Haeundae sea. It’s very fresh and delicious, beautiful view. And then, You can go to café in front of Haeundae sae. You can a cup of coffee over Haeundae view. It’s a tasty mael.
You’re enjoying your stay here.
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