“I came to Australia five months ago.”
I have seen Coogee beach. Is there we are played soccer, swam and token a photo.
I’ve found a job in Olympic park and Chatswood.
I eaten shrimps and “kangaroo meat in the Australia”. I’m joke kk
Of course, I have friends. I’ve five friends. They’re Tee, Deaw, Gary, Bora and Sora. Tee and Deaw from Thailand and Gary, Bora and Sora from Korea came to Australia.

My name’s Baagii. I’m from Mongolia. My hair’s black and eyes black. I’m married. My wife’s name’s Uranaa. I have one girl. She’s two years old. I play ping pong, billiards and table soccer. I like live music and national songs. I have a friend. He’s name’s Tee. He’s from Thailand.

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